[Example Sentences]:
1. At some point, the attackers are going to worm their way in.
2. In the UK, some hospitals had to turn away patients as the worm shut down computer systems.
3. If users allow access, the worm will read all their contacts and attempt to send itself out to them.
4. The email bearing the worm was designed to look like an error message.
5. The infections seem to be deployed via a worm a program that spreads by itself between computers.
6. First it demonstrated that a worm combined with ransomware will really work.
7. Wired The worm would then spread to any other computer to which the adapter gets connected.
8. The scientists discovered the fossilized remains of the worm not in the wild, but in a museum.
9. Some of my favorite aliens in the movie are the worm guys.
10. This device tracks activity, and includes challenges such as wiggle like a worm that earn points.
11. The worm has also been modified in multiple ways since May 12, with different versions emerging.
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