[Example Sentences]:
1. In the world the women left behind, a gallon of gas cost about $1.80.
2. The world of security was quite a bit different back in 2001.
3. That generation is expected to reach the real world around 2020.
4. In a world of choices, would you willingly choose Windows 10
5. Don t expect the world from a hybrid that sells for $400.
6. In the world of iPhones and iPads, inner peace costs $3.
7. Utemuratov was new to the world of business when he arrived in Vienna in August 1992.
8. By my estimate, at least 950 million smartphones were purchased across the world in 2013.
9. The world is on pace for the hottest year on record, breaking marks set in 2015,2014 and 2010.

[Antonyms]heaven, atom, individual

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