[Example Sentences]:
1. Alfred is a free app, but workflows is part of a suite of premium features that costs about $23.
2. The rest of us can find workflows made by members of the community to download.
3. All features and all possible workflows must be tested to ensure they work correctly.
4. It is a best practice to document major incident processes and workflows for ready reference.
5. You can quickly imagine how revolutionary these new workflows can be.
6. Because getting people to overcome personal habits and established workflows is a huge challenge.
7. To show you what I mean here are five workflows that I think pretty much every Mac user should have.
8. Some organizations may rely on workflows that depend on sharing macros.
9. Access to Lightroom mobile workflows will also cease to function.
10. Now, automated forms and workflows replace the individual spreadsheets.
11. Separate workflows for major incidents help in seamless resolutions. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home