[Example Sentences]:
1. In Japan, the ratio of CEO pay to that of the average worker is 16 to 1.
2. In many ways, she was as much a social worker as a receptionist.
3. A worker said that was better than letting the coffee go to waste.
4. The crew reported that the health care worker showed no symptoms during the flight.
5. A worker might be asked throughout the day to take on various tasks with different pay rates.
6. In early February, a fire killed a worker at the same facility.
7. The agency has been the target of worker complaints for years.
8. After that report, the prosecutors left their jobs and the social worker resigned.
9. Before I was in politics, I was a school social worker and I worked with children.
10. The letter said the company can protect both trade secrets and worker rights.
11. She said the worker appeared to be using safety equipment when he suffered the electric shock.
12. The healthcare worker who fell ill was not among the group.
13. We refer to the group as the app worker group.
14. Officials said the social worker had not made required monthly visits to the family.
15. Because greater output per worker is the key to a rising standard of living.


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