[Example Sentences]:
1. He then resumed his work as a lawyer and died at about 80.
2. It shut down for maintenance and upgrade work in February 2013.
3. Windows Phone and Xbox work ever more smoothly with Windows 8.
4. The Senate may work into the weekend to pass an extension to Section 215.
5. Less work for the database and faster response times for the user, the company said.5.
6. After extensive restoration work, the house was put back on the market in 2011.
7. With scant savings, Americans say their solution will be to work long past age 65.
8. Now, on Wednesday, technology firms can begin work to release products with Bluetooth 5.
9. A separate defense contract rating reporters work was scrapped in 2009.
10. A range of Mac models will work with Windows 10, including some systems that came out in 2012.
11. The work starts less than a year after chlorine gas killed 13 people in Syria in April 2014.


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