[Example Sentences]:
1. They found the wood could have originated from any of several periods between 1670 and 1950.
2. The case comes in light or dark wood variants.
3. The triple charging pad was also made of wood with a natural finish.
4. Young children pulled still younger ones away from the flames of a wood fire.
5. They see a spirit in objects like wood and stone.
6. Two men had been trying to rescue the child, dropping pieces of wood to form a walkway.
7. In addition to chips, you can also get wood chunks or small logs.
8. As an additional bonus, the case features a unique wood pattern and texture on the back plate.
9. His family farms and processes wood for making beds.
10. Pieces of wood and metal sheets on the ground were all that remained of the shop.
11. Of course, the best option is the wood paneling.
12. I was getting a load of wood into the house, and I hear some gunshots, he said.
13. Some wood was listed as coming from nonexistent communities.
14. So in considering whether paper will exist in 2069, we must first ask if wood will.
15. However the larvae bore under the bark and in to the wood, killing the tree.

[Antonyms]open, prairie, clearing

[Synonyms]forest, grove, thicket
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