[Example Sentences]:
1. You have to wonder how a vulnerability that only affects Office 2003 is also in Office for Mac 2011.
2. Now, you might wonder, Why the heck do I have to worry about a modem driver in 2017.
3. The experience made me wonder whether we have become any better at being tech consumers.
4. You might wonder whether all these students needed to change their grades.
5. Many in the capital wonder what the coming days will bring.
6. I wonder if my iPad will work with the feature though.
7. I wonder if you realize how global Apple already is with iTunes?
8. Some wonder whether the next generation can do much to change that.
9. Some analysts even wonder if Amazon can keep up its revenue momentum.
10. Americans have good reason to wonder if there is such a thing as privacy anymore.
11. I also wonder whether the tech industry is having as much impact on local business as it could.
12. Even so, I wonder how much longer Amazon will continue to push into the smartphone market.
13. It makes one wonder what the connections are that allows that to go on, he said.
14. I wonder if they realized that the government could tax the Internet with the universal service tax.
15. You may wonder why Apple is still selling the iPod shuffle.

[Antonyms]expectation, anticipation, familiarity

[Synonyms]astonishment, admiration, amazement
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