[Example Sentences]:
1. A witness from inside the house saw three women outside who were shot from across the street.
2. A witness said some bodies were found more than a mile from the crash.
3. The witness said she was in the parking lot when she heard several gunshots.
4. On the other, a witness uses technology to make the world know what happened.
5. One witness told CBS New York he believed it started on the train trestle.
6. A witness said at least one of the women worked at a jewelry store inside the building.
7. A witness said a motorcycle was seen in the area around the time of the blast.
8. Some feared saying something that would upset neighbors if it did not match other witness accounts.
9. One witness was quoted as saying that victims included small children and a woman in labour.
10. There was a locked door out back and I did not witness anyone breaking it open.
11. A witness said he heard a cry for help from the rubble.
12. We live in a time where we witness mass shootings every day.
13. The witness reported that the woman was carrying three bags with her.
14. He also claims she failed to interview a witness who could have provided him with an alibi.
15. It is therefore very rare for us to witness such a breach, she said.

[Antonyms]belief, hearsay, rumor

[Synonyms]attestation, testimony, evidence
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