[Example Sentences]:
1. The wind and water hit us but our infrastructure was able to withstand that hit.
2. We have full confidence that it will withstand this one.
3. The fund also indicated it can withstand pressure on its balance sheet from government withdrawals.
4. He said their business could not withstand multiple pressures, including a shortage of wood.
5. They built a machine that could withstand future regulations, he said.
6. There is a thick leather bottom so you can set the bag down and know it will withstand the usage.
7. They are not intended to withstand flames or severe heat.
8. The sensors are rugged black boxes built to withstand the harsh environment of an active volcano.
9. Which one would be able to withstand the mighty blow of the big bad wolf?
10. It can withstand the kind of impending disaster that would likely drown a rival tablet.
11. They have specifications that can withstand those kinds of winds, Ahmad said.
12. The Go is built to withstand wind, rain, and dust.
13. Also, they can withstand 900 times their body weight without being hurt.

[Antonyms]concede, grant, assist

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