[Example Sentences]:
1. What the United States should do now is withdraw its indictment.
2. Britain has said it might not officially start the talks to withdraw for months now.
3. All of these changes are enough to convince Kaspersky to withdraw its complaint.
4. Capital controls are restrictions on how much customers can withdraw from banks.
5. The machines will also let customers withdraw cash from their bitcoin holdings.
6. On Thursday it was continuing to withdraw the product from store shelves despite the court action.
7. The victims are then driven to cash machines where they are forced to withdraw money.
8. These blank cards could then be used to withdraw thousands of dollars from ATM machines.
9. If they decide to withdraw from politics, it will be disappointing.
10. The council has also demanded the Houthis withdraw before any formal talks.
11. South Carolina intends to formally withdraw in the coming days.
12. The cards were used to withdraw money from ATMs or charge purchases.
13. Whether those men will now withdraw their endorsements of him is yet to be seen.
14. Some may have explosive arguments whereas other people might withdraw from their partner.
15. Things have gone too far for it to withdraw and leave claimants on their own.

[Antonyms]offer, afford, produce

[Synonyms]recall, retire, remove
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