[Example Sentences]:
1. The good news is that Microsoft has worked to ease the learning curve with Windows 8.1.
2. No major problems have been reported with 8.1.1.
3. The average FactSet rating is hold with a price target of $19.62.
4. My new and much stronger benchmark numbers were achieved with firmware version
5. Now he has to do the same thing with the company he started in 1977.
6. Google is expected to dominate mobile ads with 35.7%.
7. It will launch as a trial with pricing to be announced later in 2017.
8. Perhaps the biggest one will be coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.
9. AMD is one of two companies that can play with x86.
10. Google is also taking advantage of the app extension system Apple added with iOS 8.
11. Mozilla has a search revenue deal with Google that has been renewed multiple times since 2005.
12. This requirement is supposed to go away with the release of iOS 9.
13. A lot of these people are longtime app developers who have stuck with Apple even since 1997.
14. The company is a year behind schedule this time, with its last major update in 2014.
15. Officials with both companies expect the deal to close in the middle of 2016.


[Synonyms]attending, accompanying, close
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