[Example Sentences]:
1. There has been a debate within the government about the wisdom of such a step.
2. We count on the wisdom of the members of the Security Council to avoid such initiatives.
3. We look at the latest wisdom and best practices for securing the mobile workforce.
4. These are commonly held common wisdom among PC users but are mostly wrong.
5. He really has no position about the wisdom of the settlement agreement or how it came to be.
6. It was one hundred percent capable from our own wisdom, technology and power.
7. This lawsuit is not about the wisdom of any particular immigration policy.
8. For hard drives, conventional wisdom has been that they keep getting faster and cheaper.
9. I hope that the political circles can gather the wisdom for the bright future of our nation.
10. Some of the best business ideas are inspired by others, or so the wisdom of the crowd goes.
11. What is needed is the courage and wisdom to pursue it.
12. Some of your favorite conventional wisdom may need a refresh, as well.
13. Even longtime critics of the deal in Congress have their doubts about the wisdom of abandoning it.
14. So much for the wisdom of crowds.
15. They shared such great wisdom about life.


[Synonyms]judgment, prudence, reason
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