[Example Sentences]:
1. This allows users to print wirelessly from iOS and Android devices.
2. They wirelessly shoot high definition video with sound yet look like normal sunglasses.
3. The PowerPoint app turns a tablet into a mobile, wirelessly connected remote for presentations.
4. Cell phones in the future could be charged wirelessly using sound waves or ultrasound.
5. If multiple detectors are installed in a home, they communicate wirelessly with each other.
6. It will operate from a wirelessly connected buoy.
7. They do this by using multiple units, or nodes, that wirelessly connect to each other.
8. The glasses wirelessly connect to the Dash and borrow the earbuds to handle all the processing.
9. Each sends continuous biometric data wirelessly to a smart phone.
10. The rear units talk to the main unit wirelessly, and get their power from AA batteries.
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