[Example Sentences]:
1. You can also use the app to remotely lock the tablet or wipe personal data from it.
2. You might as well just wipe it off the map.
3. Some devices such as bank computers wipe themselves if you try to change the software.
4. Maybe it was easy for a major later wave that was more successful to wipe them out.
5. One attacker can dig one hole and wipe out service from three companies.
6. We had to learn to wipe or reset our phone and computers before recycling.
7. He called prosecutors to wipe off the dust on corruption investigations and trials.
8. With another click, criminals can wipe information from a computer or expose it to the public.
9. Google is at war with SEO companies and is trying to wipe them out.
10. The cheapest way to tackle a pile of hard drives is to wipe them with a software eraser.
11. Several hours later, wipe out the interior with hot water and detergent.
12. If an auto accident is serious enough, it can wipe out a lifetime of savings.
13. Just like your notifications, you can reset wipe out the data on demand.
14. A bank ATM network is also hit in the attack, which attempted to wipe the hard drives of computers.
15. He could decide to keep the suspension as it is, reduce it or completely wipe it clean.
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