[Example Sentences]:
1. You can take any route that you want and different teams take wildly different routes.
2. VPN performance varies wildly not just from company to company but from place to place.
3. WhatsApp may not be a household name in the United States, but the app is wildly popular overseas.
4. If you have a wildly different model from our example, you might do a bit of experimenting yourself.
5. Internet service quality varies wildly no matter where you live or work.
6. Battery life varies wildly based on how much you use the light on the device.
7. Building a moon lander is a wildly complex task for anyone, much less a group of students.
8. Rapid international expansion and other factors can swing the number wildly from quarter to quarter.
9. As history shows us, pundits can be wildly wrong on these things.
10. If enemies get too close you have a giant hammer to swing wildly to take out enemies at close range.
11. Very similar life forms have also been found in communities in wildly differing environments.
12. The Philips Hue line of light bulbs is a wildly popular option for Internet of things enthusiasts.
13. Documents To Go Premium is also a wildly popular Office alternative.
14. With the attackers firing wildly, the body count mounted quickly.
15. Projects can range from practical furniture to wildly creative items.
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