[Example Sentences]:
1. If a bear is trapped, wildlife officials would have to hold it until then.
2. The controversial hunt was approved by the wildlife commission earlier this year after much debate.
3. The Navy, local police and the Florida wildlife conservation commission also joined in the search.
4. The world wildlife fund uses a new technique to move rhinos into a safer habitat away from poachers.
5. Who would want to kill a wildlife conservationist?
6. The federal government could, at any time, clear the wildlife refuge compound of protesters.
7. The Arizona center is dedicated to preserving endangered wildlife and habitats.
8. She has requested proposals from wildlife biologists.
9. Most wildlife photographers focus on big game.
10. No fish kills or other impact on aquatic life, wildlife or pets have been reported.
11. Fifty police and wildlife experts were searching for the boy, officials said.
12. The animals are under threat from wildlife poachers and habitat loss.
13. It will cause flooding, block wildlife and waste taxpayer dollars.
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