[Example Sentences]:
1. He met his future wife when he was 14.
2. He called his wife, who called 911.
3. His wife, however, has had a regular Illinois license since 2009.
4. He died at the scene, leaving behind a wife and two children, ages 12 and 5.
5. Jones was arrested for two incidents involving his estranged wife, Lisa, in 1999.
6. The first thing I asked was what his wife thought of the plan.
7. Some of them are even good if my wife makes them.
8. In addition to his wife, Julia, Wilson has two daughters, 7 and 5.
9. He had been on parole for two years when he killed his wife and the boy.
10. It was my second wife who encouraged me to talk about my experience with a therapist.
11. He and his wife might do the same next month.
12. Mohammed said he wants the same for his wife and children.
13. I now live at the hospital with my wife and daughter.
14. He said his wife is angry that he has not left.
15. I want my wife back, I want her back home with me.


[Synonyms]consort, spouse, helpmate
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