[Example Sentences]:
1. Or widgets that worked from iOS 4 through iOS 6 but was broken in iOS 7.
2. You can even create additional widgets for some of the apps on the phone.
3. You can also add photos and widgets to your main home screen, if you like.
4. Those widgets may include static content or provide an interactive experience.
5. The commercial service has databases of people interested in importing whether its widgets or franchise brands.
6. Apple is finally opening up to widgets, small programs that allow users to view tidbits of information at a glance.
7. They make it easy to drag widgets into place, but you still need to read the HTML and think about the structure.
8. The additions by Sony are actually improvements in terms of quick controls, widgets, and functionality of the application launcher.
9. Although Notification widgets are new with Yosemite, several developers have already jumped on board by adding widget support to their apps.
10. The lock screen in iOS 10 has a new widgets pane.
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