[Example Sentences]:
1. Some of our most widely adopted projects saw additional uptake in 2015.
2. Talks will open with Paris widely seen as favorite for 2024.
3. Billy Mitchell is widely credited with actually playing the first perfect game, in 1999.
4. Wall Street estimates had varied widely between 10 million and 32 million worldwide sales in 2015.
5. It is data that Amazon has long collected but never made widely public.
6. Apple plans to make this widely available for all levels of computer science education.
7. Video of the report has spread widely across the Internet since it was broadcast.
8. This could open the market for smaller companies working on less widely grown crops.
9. As a result they were widely shared which in turn developed more followers.
10. This was widely seen as an attack on freedom of speech and press.
11. Some of the video shown Tuesday was released during the trial, but not widely distributed.
12. It is not immediately clear how widely the strike is being observed.
13. The result is a system widely seen as preventing human rights abuses.
14. It could be years before wireless monitors and external storage devices are widely available.
15. These requirements vary widely by state or federal agency and can be difficult and costly to meet.
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