[Example Sentences]:
1. An interesting idea whose wider potential may be seen in 2014.
2. They hope to determine whether remains are the students all men whose average age is about 20.
3. People whose gas usage tops the limit move into Tier 2.
4. Leading the way will be investment banks and brokerage houses, whose earnings are seen surging 40%.
5. At the end of the day I respect companies whose products I use every day.
6. The company will also provide credit protection to consumers whose information was compromised.
7. In fact, you see new businesses today whose business is data.
8. Microsoft has also added new features for users whose preferred method of sharing photos is email.
9. It also removed Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens would be barred.
10. He added that trying to determine whose voice is on the call is a waste of time.
11. That poses risks for people using apps whose developers are not quick to patch them.
12. Why would you invest in a country whose debt is not sustainable?
13. ISPs also made an effort to contact customers whose computers were infected.
14. You can send a message to anyone whose cellphone number you have.
15. That could reduce the need for workers whose primary function is to help make an initial diagnosis.
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