[Example Sentences]:
1. A lot of people still use it, while others have only begun to convert to Windows 7.
2. The Democratic group praised Brown while the Republicans called for new leadership in 2016.
3. Seven people have died and four have been injured while diving there since 2005.
4. The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.
5. The median decline on down days is 1.2%, while the average drop was 2.4%.
6. Last holiday season Amazon captured 37.9% of online revenue, while Best Buy captured 3.5%.
7. The euro slipped to $1.0867, while the pound was little changed at $1.2931.
8. Shares in Lloyds were up more than 1.6%, while HSBC and Barclays were both down by about 0.5%.
9. HD touchscreen, while the Galaxy S 4 mini has a 4.3-in.
10. Oil pared a weekly advance, while silver headed for the longest run of weekly gains since 2006.
11. The smallest package will include more than 60 channels, while the biggest will have more than 120.
12. Shares of Nvidia have declined by 13% in the past three months, while the index is up 4.5%.
13. The iPhone SE, while not cheap, has a base price of $399.
14. Some experts said 12 was the ideal age, while others said 14.
15. Samsung scored a 35 for customer loyalty, while Apple managed a 28.

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