[Example Sentences]:
1. This brought on the second phase, which is what I call private cloud 2.0.
2. The biggest drop was for orders from outside the eurozone, which fell 9.9%.
3. A decision on which combat roles will be open to women is expected in 2015.
4. The other big problem with Apple Watch is its price, which starts at $350.
5. Washington state has its own version, which is scheduled to open in mid-2014.
6. New details are slowly emerging in the attack, which killed three and injured at least 176.
7. In second place is Windows XP, which was originally released in 2001.
8. In addition, the only previous version from which you can upgrade is Windows 7.
9. The data triggered another sell off in Chinese shares, which ended the day down more than 4%.
10. This is the first visit by a sitting president to the facility, which opened in 2011.
11. There was no immediate information on the cause of death, which occurred late May 30.
12. The reduced payments are taking a toll on the company, which was founded in 1991.
13. He led a military government which ruled Pakistan from 1999.
14. It is now being updated prior to the next state election, which is due to take place in 2015.
15. Mobile has clearly been a focus of Microsoft Ventures, which was founded in June 2013.
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