[Example Sentences]:
1. She has not yet announced whether she will run for a fourth term in 2017.
2. A hearing on whether the District Court order should continue is set for March 19.
3. The first question to ask is whether or not such technology will even be relevant in 2015.
4. Police are said to be trying to find out whether he travelled to Syria in 2014.
5. They hope to determine whether remains are the students all men whose average age is about 20.
6. Once that is completed, it will be determined whether or not the project is eligible for $500.
7. Malaysian military officials said it was unclear whether the unidentified craft was Flight 370.
8. It remained unclear after his return whether he will even be allowed to cast a ballot on June 28.
9. SunPower has said it would make a decision whether to form a yieldco in 2015.
10. There are conflicting reports about whether he was aged 53 or 57.
11. Communication is key, whether you manage a staff of 2 or of 222.
12. Cassandra insists she has the right to determine her own life span, whether that be 17 years or 100.
13. He said then that he would reevaluate whether the custom should go on when he was in his 90s.

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