[Example Sentences]:
1. It wants to be present and connect all those devices and be wherever it can be.
2. I will feel safe when I can go wherever I want.
3. I believe that reports of this wherever they exist are false.
4. How we can help the user get what they want from wherever they are, she said.
5. I just went wherever I could find people, wherever I could find crowds.
6. We expect free WiFi access wherever we are, and that includes being on a plane.
7. Through social media they can reach out to a brand wherever they are.
8. You book an Uber because you can start your journey wherever you are.
9. They bring their personality and all with them wherever they go.
10. If you upload content, you can place the ad wherever you like and make money if you choose.
11. We wanted to provide customers with a CMS to publish content wherever their customers happen to be.
12. Our goal in gaming at Microsoft is to let people play games wherever they are, he said.
13. It was a lesson to all of us, wherever we lived.
14. We will go wherever the evidence takes us.
15. The new model is to harvest social signals from wherever and sell personalized ads wherever.
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