[Example Sentences]:
1. You can have it ring whenever the phone does or not at all.
2. Users get notified in real time whenever their profile has been viewed by a user nearby.
3. So the current CPU demand is displayed next to the demand whenever you last used the app.
4. If you buy a movie disc you keep it and can watch it whenever you want, indefinitely.
5. That means Twitter will have to carefully navigate its own IPO, whenever it comes.
6. They expect companies to be embedded whenever they are needed.
7. You can change those categories whenever you want, just click the plus sign at the top-right.
8. The full name of a number was spelled out in letters whenever a number was required.
9. I told a homeless lady that whenever you need to call your family, you can use this.
10. You can also choose to be alerted whenever a subject line contains a certain word or phrase.
11. Before, I could switch between them whenever I wanted to.
12. OneDrive detects whenever you take a few photos in a short period of time, in a particular location.
13. You can work whenever you want, wherever you want.
14. In the past, she said, whenever they traveled there they always had the right permits.
15. Do your homework whenever you need to buy a new tool or anything else, for that matter.
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