[Example Sentences]:
1. The prize will now be rolled over to Wednesday when the jackpot is expected to be $1.3bn.
2. He told me about an accident he had when he was 9.
3. This is what it looked like back when it launched in 2003.
4. This came as a shock to her family when she died in 2014.
5. The high for the year was hit in February, when the stock came close to $10.
6. I was about the height I am now when I was 12.
7. Here are four things to consider when looking at Google in 2015.
8. From later this month when Apple deliver it I ll have my new iPhone 5s.
9. He launched his first company when he was 16.
10. The Chromebook was touted by some as a Windows killer when first released in June 2011.
11. Phoenix is a few inches lower than it was when this photo was taken in 2008.
12. He sent the girl to live with his mother, then married her when she was 12.
13. He first started learning the trade when he was 14.
14. She left office when her second term ended in 2005.
15. In the old days when you saw a bank robbery, you would call 000.
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