[Example Sentences]:
1. We can make it look like whatever we want it to look like.
2. I can do whatever I need to do on the phone.
3. You can name them whatever you want and even take a photo of the zone.
4. I would say that whatever she was doing was for her children, said another friend.
5. To leave and start working on the new future of music, whatever that might be.
6. The whole point here is to just be autonomous and just do whatever we want.
7. This means you will have to pay whatever down payment is required for that specific device.
8. We want to become the trusted place where people know that whatever they order will be the best.
9. I think more people will go and fight for whatever reason.
10. If they do leave the campus, we do whatever we can to get them back.
11. So whatever work the couple wanted to do, they would have to pay for it themselves.
12. This is a good idea, except most Windows users are used to running whatever they want.
13. The coach said they had a right to do whatever they wanted.
14. I want to have as much competition between whatever participants as possible.
15. It seems like whatever the president is for, they are against.
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