[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple shares were trading down a fraction by Wednesday afternoon at $421.80.
2. My new and much stronger benchmark numbers were achieved with firmware version
3. Economists were looking for the index to rise to 55.5%.
4. Only seven apps were still vulnerable on iOS 8.2.
5. Shares of SolarCity were poised to end the week off 3.6%.
6. Shares of Twitter were virtually flat Wednesday, trading around $45.10.
7. That means it and Philae were designed and built in the 1990s.
8. Both services were first made available to the public as standard features in October 2011.
9. On Wednesday, they were trading slightly higher at $32.72.
10. He was fired by the Reuters news agency after charges were filed in 2013.
11. At one point in early trading the shares were up 7%.
12. The arrests were announced by the City of London Police on June 28.
13. The last time there were three openings at the same time was in 1906.
14. Sales had previously been limited to those who were at least 17.
15. Both men were said to have left for Syria in August 2013.
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