[Example Sentences]:
1. Despite the government support, only about a dozen wells are in the pipeline.
2. These days, one of the closest wells is no longer operational.
3. Some studies show pockets of eastern New Mexico might have less than a decade before wells run dry.
4. Today, only one in four or five wells returns a profit.
5. People drink bad water from wells and it leads to diseases.
6. The legislation also requires testing of private wells near ash ponds.
7. McDonald said the presence of oil and gas wells so close to neighborhoods is worrying.
8. Despite all this work, inspectors found acid in five test wells below the wall.
9. She wells up with tears as she talks about rising sea levels, and says she misses her homeland.
10. Companies could also drill wells closer together, called downspacing.
11. For example, more optimal drilling could mean fewer wells and lower costs.
12. He pauses as he wells up, a little overwhelmed.
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