[Example Sentences]:
1. France has done a great deal to ensure the welfare of those children, he said.
2. The conservative view that they are all sitting on their hands and collecting welfare is wrong.
3. Millions lifted from welfare to work is not too much to expect.
4. The safety of its employees and welfare of the animals is a top priority, the company said.
5. Any other police and child welfare records would have been destroyed by now, officials said.
6. Anyone who refuses to take the test will be suspended from welfare benefits for six months.
7. The UN has voiced concern about the welfare of civilians trapped in the city.
8. Police and child welfare officials have not identified the mother, citing privacy concerns.
9. China does not have an animal welfare law.
10. The children were turned over to welfare authorities.
11. Simon gave much of his money to social causes, especially those working on animal welfare issues.
12. The welfare department fielded a dozen calls from couples wanting to adopt the baby.

[Antonyms]adversity, misfortune, reverses

[Synonyms]prosperity, happiness, enjoyment
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