[Example Sentences]:
1. What our customers want is for us to weigh those and make a decision.
2. It did not take long for politicians to weigh in with their own spin.
3. We tried to not let the past weigh on our dialogue.
4. The FCC has to weigh the interests of providers against those of Web companies and users.
5. Saudi officials said all options are open as they weigh a response.
6. The high court is likely to weigh in on the disagreement early next year.
7. FDA will publish the suggested regulations and then the public and industry may weigh in.
8. The organizations expect other factors to also weigh on global tech sales.
9. Be sure to weigh in on this battle of the bands in the comments section.
10. That way, colleagues can weigh in on specific numbers without revealing their own salaries.
11. A miss here would weigh on the stock, they noted.
12. Each must weigh the value of a change, then proceed.
13. Old promises weigh on the city and others like it.
14. From there, make sure that your Mac is turned off, and then weigh your options.
15. Yes, there is talk of a slowdown in China that could weigh on automakers.

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