[Example Sentences]:
1. After three weeks of declines, the index posted its first weekly gain of 2.4%.
2. The bill would extend current funding levels for the department for three weeks, until March 19.
3. Just a few weeks ago, the chances of shortages in that time frame were about 60%.
4. The two will campaign for six more weeks, and Chicago voters will get their final say on April 7.
5. The study was conducted over seven weeks through May 5.
6. Both weighed heavily on him, he acknowledged in an interview two weeks before his departure in 2013.
7. The violence of the last few weeks is the worst violence since the end of the civil war in 2005.
8. Huge gains in the weeks after the election took bank stocks to their highest levels since 2008.
9. A Progress launched just two weeks after Dragon, on April 28.
10. The album has now spent 61 weeks in the top 10.
11. Some can take 26 weeks or more, and tuition can reach $26,000.
12. As recently as two weeks ago, Singh had pegged the iPhone 5C's unsubsidized price at $399.
13. For a few buggy weeks, residents from North Carolina to Connecticut will be outnumbered by 600 to 1.
14. He will have to put something out in the coming weeks or months...
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