[Definition]: Saturday or Sunday

[Example Sentences]:
1. The Senate may work into the weekend to pass an extension to Section 215.
2. This weekend I started to call actors to let them know I would not be directing.
3. The video that emerged over the weekend was harder for officials to play down.
4. He said he wanted to host some relatives for a quiet weekend in the mountains.
5. It broke out at the start of the weekend during peak travel time.
6. Many firms have had experts working over the weekend to prevent new infections.
7. Anyone who has been in hospital will be aware of the change of pace the weekend brings.
8. By the end of the first weekend, there were multiple bids.
9. It could be a new restaurant you tried over the weekend or a sports game, for example.
10. City officials were careful not to cast the weekend as a winter wonderland.
11. He spent the weekend turning to Twitter to rally folks to help others.
12. The House could vote as early as Friday, but both houses planned weekend sessions.
13. There was certainly nothing to indicate how the weekend would end.
14. The candidates are gathering in Phoenix this weekend for another forum on the future of the party.
15. That also means that the upcoming holiday weekend looks to be a bloody end to the summer.

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