[Example Sentences]:
1. Shares of SolarCity were poised to end the week off 3.6%.
2. The Facebook experiment was conducted for one week in 2012.
3. The index ended the week at its lowest since March 28.
4. It has been quite a week for Windows 10.
5. In a brief announcement this week, the company said it would shut down the service Feb 8.
6. The severe weather would arrive just a week after the region saw temperatures climb into the 60s.
7. The company extended for a week a fare sale scheduled that was supposed to end July 21.
8. The destruction came as the death toll from severe storms throughout the South this week rose to 17.
9. For the week, the index climbed 0.5%.
10. Last week, the region saw temperatures climb into the 60s.
11. At the end of the week, if the customer decides not to make a purchase, they only pay $20.
12. This week will be his 14th.
13. To be honest, I have to spend the next week exclusively with the Sony SmartWatch 3.
14. The two started commuting to Aberdeen every week from outside London in 2012.
15. The Dow closed up 66.71 to finish the week at 22,092.81.

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