[Example Sentences]:
1. Google is scanning applications in its Play store to weed out programs that might be infected.
2. Tech companies have been criticized for doing too little to weed out fake news.
3. The company was growing like a weed, having just entered the computer business.
4. No one has enough time to weed out vulnerabilities and write secure code.
5. We do a lot of testing here to weed out as many bad cards as possible in our build process.
6. New checks at the frontier with Austria will probably try to weed out some of those.
7. Another team planned to use its robot for weed removal.
8. It was easy to weed out the unsuitable.
9. Cook believes tech firms need to invent tools that weed out fake news.
10. Before the weed is sold, it has to be cut, dried and trimmed.
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