[Example Sentences]:
1. He was visiting the city at the time to attend the wedding of a friend.
2. She saw a picture of him and in that picture he had on a wedding ring.
3. The firing came days after photos of the wedding appeared in a local newspaper.
4. It was a video of his wedding six years ago.
5. The following year, the two had a wedding and started a family together.
6. The Sunday following the shooting would have been his first wedding anniversary.
7. We started to plan a wedding but noticed that our little differences were becoming really big deals.
8. It does not say where the wedding took place.
9. So we postponed the wedding and decided to go to couples therapy.
10. The man was on the way back from his wedding reception to a hotel when the accident happened.
11. This wedding season, technology gifts are in style when it comes to gift-giving.
12. Some have compared it to a wedding cake on a hillside.
13. The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary while she was jailed.
14. His best friend, who would later be best man at his wedding, was black.
15. The official who performed the wedding says she appeared to participate willingly in the ceremony.


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