[Definition]: a hosted domain has webpages for internet users to browse

[Example Sentences]:
1. Motorola sells the unlocked version of this device on its website for $390.
2. The figures can be purchased through the website for $200.
3. In response, the Department of Treasury moved its website to Amazon EC2 early in January 2011.
4. Flightradar24, a flight tracking website, said the Airbus A320-200 was delivered in September 2008.
5. What we can show on our website is very limited in comparison.
6. The move left the website vulnerable to hackers by taking away its security protection.
7. It could be a business website that family members or employees intend to keep as a going concern.
8. The website is still working for a lot of people, he said.
9. Google is more targeted to get people to buy specific products on our website, he says.
10. Twitter also offers a bidding system to help your website reach its intended audience.
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