[Example Sentences]:
1. It projects shipments of 2.38 billion devices and 342 million wearables in 2017.
2. One major factor preventing people from at least giving wearables a try is price.
3. The company is moving quickly into the wearables arena after missing out on the smartphone market.
4. Of those who own wearables, more than half wear their device every day.
5. The survey found that professionals are keen on using wearables at work.
6. All of these predictions come as global adoption of wearables is forecast to boom.
7. Samsung might have beaten Apple to the wearables market, but the early response has been tepid.
8. It may be the last thing parents want to hear, but wearables for kids have arrived.
9. The rising tide of Apple Watch interest and sales will lift all wearables boats.
10. Low power consumption is key to the long battery life wearables need to provide.
11. To date, most applications for wearables have focused on fitness and health.
12. In addition to smartphones and tablets, expect to see a slew of wearables at the event.
13. The fitness wearables market is full of many more losers than winners.
14. Apple has long been expected to enter the burgeoning wearables market.
15. It also has tried to push Tizen as an alternative to Android in everything from wearables to cars.
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