[Example Sentences]:
1. You read it enough and you try to get it out there and it does wear off.
2. Women are often asked that why do they wear the hijab?
3. Our goal was to make something you would want to wear even if the technology was not there.
4. I prefer the adapter as it will not wear out like the cable.
5. Small enough for a business man or woman to wear without looking absurd.
6. Now you can wear your digital profile on your sleeve.
7. Of those who own wearables, more than half wear their device every day.
8. Prosecutors said he should be sent to jail or required to wear an electronic monitoring device.
9. Now he can hardly bear to wear it at all.
10. If I do an extended exercise, I might wear it to know what I burned over that period.
11. Even in the analog era some people refused to wear watches of any type.
12. She was ordered to live under house arrest and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.
13. When you wear it, the Core tracks the steps you take and the sleep you get.
14. These are meant for males to wear, so they are missing half the market right there.
15. Many people will want to wear Google Glass, as well.

[Antonyms]doff, abandon, renew

[Synonyms]carry, bear, useup
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