[Example Sentences]:
1. An Israeli soldier checks his weapon atop a tank near the border with Gaza July 27,2014.
2. It had to be a weapon that had an impact and a mass to it.
3. The owner of the weapon and the car was not present and has not been charged.
4. How the weapon got to New York is still under investigation.
5. Police said in a statement that an automatic weapon is believed to have been used in the shooting.
6. The gun is being tested to determine whether it matches the weapon that killed the child.
7. Officers seized the weapon and local officers took him to get a mental health evaluation.
8. Another man who had bought a stolen weapon had also been arrested.
9. The weapon investigators believed was used in the shootings was found next to the dead man.
10. She said he had armed himself with a lethal weapon and clearly wanted to use it.
11. The cards represent the latest weapon in the battle against counterfeiters.
12. His attorneys said he was being pursued by gang members when he drew his weapon and fired.
13. There is one secret weapon that should speed things along, though.
14. He insisted that he witnessed his brother hand his weapon over the police.
15. That is the only weapon at our disposal.
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