[Example Sentences]:
1. The 1,000 richest people in Britain and Ireland share a wealth of £450bn.
2. One new service provides a wealth of information that can be used to generate sales leads.
3. These companies have an obligation to create wealth in the area where they operate.
4. The app includes a wealth information about how to prepare and what do after a storm strikes.
5. Germany depends on exports for its wealth and on the United States for its security.
6. It offers a wealth of information and a glimpse inside the digital transformation of a major bank.
7. In countries where there is greater respect for the law there is more wealth, less inequality.
8. Icahn believes the technology giant should share more of its wealth with stockholders.
9. He has pledged most of his wealth to charity.
10. Consumers willing to pay a little extra will find a wealth of new smart features, too.
11. You have to allow farmers to trade land so that they can have wealth to settle down in cities.
12. The United States has a wealth of infrastructure that lends itself to attack execution.
13. Less clear is whether such a move translates into more overall wealth or a better lifestyle.
14. Women are attracted to wealth whether the website exists or not.
15. The wealth of pointing devices make work fast and effective and the laptop is light and easy to use.


[Synonyms]riches, affluence, opulence
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