[Example Sentences]:
1. On further weakness, important support holds at the August low of 14,760.
2. On further weakness, its next floor rests at the January range top of 2,064.
3. On further weakness, deeper support broadly spans from 130.90 to 131.90.
4. On further weakness, deeper support spans from 5,487 to the December peak of 5,512.
5. I think those that are selling into the tech weakness are weak hands and just taking profits.
6. This week, IDC said the tech market would also be hit by weakness in emerging markets.
7. One particular area of weakness is software updates for the smartwatches.
8. It acted after economic reports exposed the weakness of the recovery.
9. They are trying to defend against weakness in Web applications, but those weaknesses are everywhere.
10. If we learn of a security weakness in any of our products, we will immediately address it.
11. Economists say the weakness in productivity has been a factor in this slowdown.
12. The weakness over the past week is a reflection of such concerns.
13. Apple has long claimed iPad weakness is a speed bump.
14. It depends largely on what we sense our particular weakness to be.
15. The iPad mini with Retina display addresses every weakness of the previous model.

[Antonyms]strength, vigor, tone

[Synonyms]feebleness, debility, languor
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