[Example Sentences]:
1. The Aussie is likely to be the weakest currency in 2015.
2. The real fell to as low as 2.2768 per dollar today, its weakest level since April 2009.
3. South African shares lured $222 million as the rand rallied from the weakest level since 2008.
4. Portugal, among the smallest and the weakest eurozone economies, showed the fastest growth, at 1.1%.
5. Those two groups have been among the weakest in the market this year.
6. In such a scenario, the system is only as secure as the weakest link.
7. Some financial security experts point out the Swift system is only as safe as its weakest link.
8. The weakest part of HP is its software unit, which should be a larger part of sales.
9. I am focusing my efforts in the weakest points of our community.
10. Of course the weakest link in the chain remains the person sitting in front of the computer.
11. So absolutely, CIOs need to always look at the weakest link.
12. Hackers will always go after the weakest link.
13. Consumer spending was the weakest in five years.
14. The simplest involves finding the weakest link in the communication chain.
15. The Texas clemency process is the weakest in the nation, in the state that executes the most.
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