[Example Sentences]:
1. If they think we will weaken in the face of their threats, they are wrong.
2. The storm was expected to rapidly weaken once it began heading into the Mexican interior.
3. That could further weaken the dollar and fuel the rise in bitcoin and gold prices.
4. Critics say these measures will weaken political parties, but at the expense of democracy.
5. He wanted to strengthen central government and weaken the Senate, the upper house of parliament.
6. Other countries are continuing to weaken their currencies to boost imports.
7. Some investors speculated that the Bank of Japan may have intervened to weaken its currency.
8. It said the changes severely weaken the bill.
9. An EU breakup would weaken the computing grid and agreements between countries.
10. They form when the westward trade winds in the Pacific weaken, or even reverse direction.
11. There has been a concerted effort to weaken the bureau, she said of the ATF and its agents.
12. The system will weaken to a tropical depression and it will dump very heavy rain, double digit rain.
13. The signals also weaken over time.

[Antonyms]better, confirm, corroborate, enable, fortify, invigorate

[Synonyms]cripple, enervate, enfeeble, macerate
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