[Example Sentences]:
1. There are a couple of ways that you can manage your content captured with the Gear 360.
2. In many ways, end users have the most to gain from SharePoint 2016.
3. Several tech sites have now come up with a list of ways to extend battery life under iOS 7.
4. Microsoft has been looking for ways to add value to email for a while now.
5. What are some ways you think people are using tech all wrong?
6. Facebook is going to use multiple ways to track their users and sell them to their advertisers.
7. There can be multiple ways to do a task within an applications or between applications.
8. The company has also been working to find new ways to generate revenue through advertising.
9. Here are the three ways a smartphone is most likely to be breached.
10. Facebook has a few ways you can rid them from your news feed.
11. Microsoft is not the only company looking at ways to expand Internet availability.
12. These are just a few ways to put your contacts to good use.
13. You have a few ways to track your data usage on an Android or iOS device.
14. We look at the ways companies can take advantage of it and how to get started.
15. They have to change as the old ways are at the end of their useful life.
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