[Example Sentences]:
1. What do you say we get an answer or two to wash them all down.
2. There are also changes to be found in the interior wash basin.
3. This machine also uses a lot of cold water to wash away stains.
4. His group could wash up and get a little rest.
5. This led to the issue of how we were going to wash our clothes every couple of days.
6. There has been little rain to wash away the feces.
7. Or you place it on the sink while you wash your hands.
8. At first, you can watch the basics and let it wash over you and enjoy the show.
9. This is where you modify your wash by setting a delay or increasing the water temperature.
10. Scientists have warned anyone who comes in contact with them to wash their hands thoroughly.
11. There was very little water to wash clothes.
12. The same wash cut Moore off from the rescue scene.
13. We can tell you how well they wash, but the final decision of brand preference is up to you.
14. The second would otherwise only wash a dish when there are no clean dishes left.
15. This is the stain on its reputation that Apple hopes the appeals court will wash away.

[Antonyms]soil, stain, pollute

[Synonyms]cleanse, wet, scrub
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