[Example Sentences]:
1. The idea is to create an early warning system before an eruption.
2. I think that is a little bit of a warning sign.
3. He said it should be a warning to Republicans about the political consequences.
4. The report found there were big warning signs in the lead up to the downtime.
5. The specifics of the early warning system will be left to a later work.
6. Now the FBI is warning about how vulnerable these devices are to hacking.
7. The system could power all kinds of applications, such as a warning system for bicyclists.
8. He is warning the public not to fall victim to the scams.
9. A winter storm warning will go into effect late Monday night for most the region.
10. The exception was an older brother who was killed as a warning to the family.
11. As a result, the case would serve as a warning to others.
12. Since then, an early warning system seems to have made the difference.
13. His mother said she should have seen the warning signs.
14. We already saw the warning signs of this years ago.
15. He had a specific warning for the national broadband network builder.


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