[Example Sentences]:
1. The warehouse can be one of the most dangerous places in the factory.
2. Online retailers need more warehouse space around the country to package and ship goods.
3. The area immediately north of the border is also a warehouse district.
4. The data warehouse will also automatically optimize itself based on data usage.
5. That turns it from an analytics solution into a full data warehouse, he said.
6. Working on a daily basis in the warehouse, they already knew where change would make a difference.
7. The tool will also import data from data warehouse, patient registration systems or call center.
8. Every morning, Steve Jobs would walk into the warehouse and move things around.
9. Twenty years ago, it was enough for a warehouse worker to be strong.
10. The warehouse is full of machinery, and all of it requires careful and constant maintenance.
11. We need a place to warehouse terrorist killers.
12. However, its data warehouse kept timing out when running data mining queries.
13. In my view, the paradigm of the data warehouse must be replaced by the idea of a data supply chain.
14. Is it a good idea to have a warehouse for food storage, or ask the customers to pick up their food?
15. One data warehouse to rule them all.

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