[Example Sentences]:
1. If you want to purchase all three, the cost is $5.99.
2. Consumers want to be able to pay without being identified.8.
3. You want to know how it feels to lose a son at the age of 50?
4. If you want to check it out, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.
5. This is the case to choose if you want easy access to the bottom ports on your iPhone 5.
6. If you want the latest and greatest and are willing to pay for it, we recommend the 7500.
7. For those who want Windows on the cheap, tablets with the OS are now selling for under $100.
8. Anyone looking to get a hybrid notebook will want Windows 10.
9. If you want an affordable, functional smartphone then I highly recommend the Lumia 830.
10. European Union leaders want to preserve the 19-nation.
11. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block and click Block .3.
12. Microsoft is targeting enterprise users, who want strong security, with the Surface Book 2.
13. So why would anyone want to use the best printing technology of 1983 in 2013?
14. If you want this inside you PC, expect to get no more than a few pennies of change from $2,000.
15. If you want an additional 2GB of data for a hotspot service, you pay $10.

[Antonyms]supply, sufficiency, allowance

[Synonyms]defect, failure, dearth
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