[Example Sentences]:
1. Residents complained of having to wait nearly an hour for officers to arrive if they dialed 911.
2. If you wait to buy the S4 Mini, you will save the cost of one stamp—$0.46.
3. Technically, it could probably afford to wait until September of 2015.
4. For how long are we going to wait for the government to help us?
5. The phone has been out for two months and people still have to wait to get one.
6. It may have to wait for its commands for hours every day or even for weeks.
7. Now there was nothing she could do but wait for the results.
8. He waited months to buy a computer because he wanted to wait for Cyber Monday deals.
9. Do you want to wait for IT or do you want to light up Azure yourself?
10. The president also is calling for people to wait for facts before making judgments.
11. You can wait for the shares to start trading once the early investors sell.
12. She pointed at me and told me to wait with her.
13. She said I need to wait for my husband to pick me up.
14. I had to wait for the next shuttle to come up to bring me a new one.

[Antonyms]hasten, hurry, speed

[Synonyms]stay, tarry, delay
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